Updated Jamberry Websites

We have new updated websites! Check out denisev.jamberry.com

  • You can now save your favorites to a WISH LIST so you can browse at your leisure and have everything together when you want to start placing your order later.
  • When you are shopping, be sure to hit the Show All button at the bottom of the page to see more designs.
  • You can also use PayPal as a payment method.
  • The site is more mobile-friendly. Try it on your phone or tablet.
  • As always, click the Connect With Me link at the top of the page to see my contact and social media links as well as my current favorites (you might need this info if you're in a party and doing the Scavenger Hunt game - hint, hint).
  • Host and Join are the same as they have been recently.
  • Use the Help section to see videos on how to apply the wraps and gel enamel and how to remove them.
  • Any more questions? Be sure to follow me on the Social Media channels and ask about my VIP Club on Facebook.

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