Jamberry Fall Catalog

Oooooh!  I'm very excited about the new Fall catalog and products that are available NOW!  New finishes! New Wraps! New Lacquers! Create-your-own Lacquer set! And more..... Check it out at denisev.jamberry.com

It's here!!! The TruShine Gel Enamel System!!! The starter kit is $120 US and it comes with Black Cherry Gel Enamel. This system uses LED light, not UV, so it's much safer than many you will find in a salon. Doing an entire manicure is equivalent to spending just 2 minutes in the sun. Shop now and join those of us who are already gellin'.

NOTE: Gel systems are meant to work together. If you have a gel system that uses a UV light, these gels will NOT work correctly with that light and vice versa. Be sure to watch our Application and Removal videos for the best results.

Want to earn this system FREE or 1/2 price? Let's book your party and get you on the way!

Wouldn't this make a great Christmas gift? Put it on "layaway" and start buying gift certificates between now and then. Gift cards are available starting at $25. There's nothing to mail, so even if you wait until the last minute for a birthday, work anniversary, Christmas or other special occassion, there's no need to stress about receiving it in time.

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