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Jamberry Independent Consultant

Well, I liked the product and had so much fun with my Jamberry Nails, that I decided to become a Consultant.  There's just tooooo much that I loved in the catalog.  So now, I get paid for doing my nails!

Check out my Jamberry Independent Consultant site and follow me on Facebook and Google+

Thanks for giving me this opportunity, Carin!  I've been having fun setting up parties for friends.

Jamberry Nails Online Party

Attn: Ladies!!!  I'm having a ‪#‎JamberryNails‬ party and you're invited! No need to dress up or squeeze it in your calendar because it's all online. Come join the fun with me and Carin Ponder now through November 16. Start your Christmas shopping - for your friends and family...or yourself. 

Please join the online party group at

This party is online and runs until 11/16/14 @11:59pm! Stop by often as we'll be playing games for points for a free sheet of wraps! Jamberry Nails is a nail wrap that is applied with heat from your hair dryer or other small heat source. Applied to clean nails, these wraps can last for up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on toes. Each sheet of wraps is $15 and can do 2-3 applications. They come in more colors and patterns than I can possibly list, so please check out my party at:  
Buy 3 get 1 free.This party will only …

Holiday Eats

Can you believe that October is almost over?!  We'll be deep in the warm comfort foods soon and gearing up for turkey season.  If you're like me, there's family dinners, dinners at work, dinners at church, etc.  Did you know that many of your favorite mixes from The Gourmet Cupboard come in larger, more economical sizes?

Instead of getting a mix or two, how about trying a Batch? Batches are great for the items you like the most or when you know you will be preparing for large or multiple events.  The first time you purchase a Batch, you will want the jar that it comes in. After that, you can just order refills saving even more money.

For instance, the Sweet Cornbread Batch is equivalent to 10 individual mixes and will save you $11.50.  The refill will save $14.50.

There are many others in the Batch category.  Don't forget to look for "Vajdak, Denise" as your distributor. Be sure to order early to get it in time for Thanksgiving get togethers and enjoy!

The Ba…

New AdvoCare Product

Another new flavor of Spark!
Limited Time Only!
Sharpens mental focusProvides support for long-lasting energyHelps fight occasional drowsiness21 vitamins, minerals and nutrientsSugar free and only 15 caloriesThis is a new addition to the Spark On the Go Line.  Green Apple was introduced earlier this summer and now Pomegranate joins the line.

Order yours today

Munzee Mayhem

A Munzee event hosted by the Lone Star QRazy clan. A cap/deploy challenge with prizes!

Bryan, TX - July 12, 3-5pm

Meet at the pavilion at Astin Park in Bryan, TX by 3:00 pm near

Check in with your current score on your app. You have until 5:00 pm to cap and deploy anywhere in the Brazos Valley that you like within normal Munzee guidelines. There will also be 100 event-only Munzees deployed. Return to the park by 5:00 pm and show your ending score.

The person with the most points gained during the event wins a prize package including a $20 gift certificate to +Munzee and a Torch flashlight from +Beverly Edwards-Cathcart of GxProxy. There will also be a prize pack for the leader of the event-only Munzees.

Other prizes may be available as well, so stay tuned to the event listing for updates.

Pre-register here to help save time at check-in.

Add the event listing to your Google calendars.

PS...There is a growing Thumbs Up garden not too far away. If you have Myst…

On a New Trail

I am switching over to virtually walk the Tahoe Trail on +Walking 4 Fun. I was on the Pacific Crest Trail, but I switch off everyone once in a while for a change of scenery. This is a fun use of your Fitbit steps each day. Connect your Fitbit and it does all of the work. But, you may want to visit each day to see pictures of where you would be on the trail. 
You can see where I am by looking on the left side of my blog/site. I created a "Munzee" public group there. Join it and you can see where other Munzeers are "on the trail". Search for it here. I am also in the AtlasQuest group with other letterboxers.  Anyone wanna race?
Happy Trails!

AdvoCare Spark On The Go

Available for a limited time only while supplies last
Sharpens mental focusProvides support for long-lasting energyHelps fight occasional drowsiness21 vitamins, minerals and nutrientsSugar free and only 15 caloriesNew Flavor! Green AppleGet yours today!

More Munzee

Join us tonight, June 5, at 8:10 pm Central, live on Google Hangouts as +Rob Vardemanreturns to talk with +Chris Umphenour,+Darryl Wattenberg  and myself on what is new in the world of +Munzee

Call the voicemail line at 206-350-3647, email or drop any feedback in the "Q&A" and we'll address those on the show.

AdvoCare May Product Spotlight - Slim

Order Tropical Swirl
Order Strawberry Kiwi (Caffeine-Free)
A portable weight-management aid*Formulated with Svetol® and Super CitriMax® - ingredients that support weight loss and fat reduction*Supports appetite management*Provides support for long-lasting energy*Helps fight occasional drowsiness*Can be used in conjunction with MNS or as a stand aloneQuick acting*Great tasting Tropical Swirl flavor*

Fundraiser With Up To 50% Profits

Fundraisers with The Gourmet Cupboard Hello! Thanks for considering The Gourmet Cupboard® for your next fundraiser! We would love to share some information with you about our company and about our fundraiser program!

We are a national company that was started in June of 2002. The owners are veteran school teachers and know from first hand experience that organizations are always looking for new items to sell, and items that people will actually use!!

Our food mixes will appeal to everyone, from the gourmet cook to the kind of cook that can only boil water! There is something for the person who has a sweet tooth, an entire category for diabetics, meals and soups, and much more!

To help get you started, both the supplies and shipping are all paid for by our company. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and would be delighted to help you raise money for your organization.
There are many different options
for your fundraiser...

Traditional Order Form Fundraisers:
(printable fundraiser order …

CU24™ in the Kitchen - Muscle Gain™ Ice Cream

Here's a recipe for ice cream that is healthy, believe it or not!

Visit my website to order your Muscle Gain

Texas Challenge 2014

This weekend, I attended another Mega event in the Lone Star State.  The Texas Challenge 2014 took place in/around Bastrop, TX.  It is a reunion and competition for cachers in the state and for visitors as well.  The competition is fierce among the "regions" (anyone can join any region for competition).  Congrats to North Texas for the win!

I was not able to make it to any of the pre-events, but I did get there for the day on Saturday.  I met up with my geo-buddies, AgNav and Scrapnphotos and we shopped a little, greeted friends and capped and deployed some Munzees.  There were quite a few virtual and mystery virtuals in the area of the main Challenge event. New ones that I deployed had quite a few hits over the weekend.

At noon, those of us that were not on the hunt teams for the Challenge met at the Old Iron Bridge over the Colorado River in historic Bastrop for the official Bridge-spitting ceremony where we learned the song.

Dirty Lil, Dirty Lil Lives on top of Garbage Hill

Spring Break Fun

This week was my son's Spring Break, so I decided to take a couple days off work so we'd have a long weekend to spend in Louisiana with relatives. We didn't get to come at Christmas, so it's been a while since we were here.

Our cousin and his wife have a new baby. Our aunt wasn't feeling 100%. Dang allergies!  I sympathize for sure! We didn't want to intrude on them too much, so we took the camper and made reservations at Fairview-Riverside State Park in Madisonville.  I LOVE camping, but my son doesn't.  So we both got to do some of what we liked. He has been dying to go see the baby and we both have been craving beignets.  We got to do a fish fry for Mama Amy's birthday celebration, which was soooooo good! Good job Matt and Uncle Dane!!!  I love fried catfish and it just hit the spot.  Max fell asleep on my chest for a couple of hours and all was good until my backside started to fall asleep. :)

This was our first time to camp in a Louisiana State Par…

Gourmet Cupboard March Specials

Please be sure to list "Vajdak, Denise" as your distributor.
We Appreciate You...
We appreciate our customers and distributors so much that we offer monthly specials! Each month we offer different varieties of gourmet mixes... knowing that you will love them just as much as we do! Often the monthly specials are picked by our top Gourmet Cupboard® team leaders around the country! We love the monthly specials and hope you will too! Thank you for viewing our monthly specials each month!March Special

Celebrate National Chip and Dip Day on March 23rd!

Purchase the following delicious mixes:

Hawaiian Cheese Ball
Cheesy Corn Dip
Spinach Dip
Chili Cheese Dip

and receive a FREE
Mexican Fiesta Dip Mix!

Price: $15.50

March Hostess Special

Celebrate with cookies this month with this cookie special!

Purchase the following mixes at a discount!

Chocolate Chip Cookies (2nd week of March is Chocolate Chip Cookie Week!)
Oatmeal Cookies (National Oatmeal Cookie Day is March 17th!)
Chocolate Pecan Bars (March 2…

Outdoor Activities

I had the day off for MLK day, so I got together with one of my best geo-buddies to go find some geocaches. On the way to meet up with her, the morning was very misty-foggy. As I was driving down FM 50 near Brenham, I saw a Bald Eagle flying low over a pond just to my left. I always get so excited about seeing these majestic birds so close to home and over the last couple of months, I have seen 3 of them. I was driving so I didn't have a chance to try to snap a picture.

We headed northeast to an area where there were caches that neither of us have already found. The fog was beginning to lift and it turned into a gorgeous day. Our first stop, a cemetery. The wind was whispering in the pines and birds were everywhere. I could have just sat there for a long time soaking it all in.  A "V" of Snow Geese flew overhead heading south. Wrens where about as were some Robins. I saw a tiny bird with a bright red stripe on its head and it was flitting around in the cedars righ…

Scavenger Hunts

The first round of Munzee Clan Wars of 2014 has started. There are just over 300 clans this month and I am in the DudeClan this time with other Texas Munzeers.  I was able to get out at lunch and deploy 3 more Munzees around Downtown Bryan and one of them is a Mystery. If you scan it, you can get anywhere from 5-50 points.

Clans consist of up to 10 players who band together to play. Individual points are added together to try to earn special clan "weapons" which are special Munzees that can only be earned as part of the clan wars.  For more info on Clans, click here.  New clans start and end near the beginning/end of a month. Players can join, leave and change clans only during that time frame.

Because of the GeoGearHeads Podcast, I learned about another location-based game called Sighter. There are now a few of them in Downtown Bryan as well. It is a Photography Based Urban Treasure Hunt. Use the app for Android and Apple. Open it and it will show you the nearest sights. A…