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Munzees or Micros?

I've been thinking about some of the micro geocaches I have found. Some have been placed along trails or other interesting places or cleverly hidden in other objects. I like those! Others have been placed in such exciting places as parking lots (yes, the dreaded LPC). I'm guilty of placing a few of these as well when I have as getting started, but I think I'm going to change my strategy.

I know there are plenty of geocachers that are all about the numbers and anything goes. For me, I prefer bigger containers or ones that actually take me some place more exciting than an asphalt parking lot. And if you've ever lifted up a metal skirt on a metal pole...AAARRRGGGHHH! It's like nails on a chalk board! Plus, most are so small, you can't put any trackables or anything else in them. I've done a power trail of 100 micros.  After 25 or so, it gets boring. Power trails are just not for me.  I'd rather walk a mile for one really cool cache than stop every 1/10 mile on a dirt road just to find another film container. Don't get me started on the wet, soggy or full logs. I also know some cachers that are exclusive to and for whatever reason, act like if your find is not on that site, then it doesn't really count. So sad they miss out on more fun adventures because they don't want to branch out and diversify.

Instead of hiding park 'n grab Micros, I'm going to put out Munzees. Instead of opening a container and rolling out a little strip of paper and then trying to get it back in a tiny container, you'll be able to just scan and go. You'll get points for it too! So check the map around Aggieland and the Brazos Valley...and beyond for mine and across the globe for others.

All you need is a smartphone to play. Not even a pen is required.  You get points for deploying them, points for finding others and points when someone scans your Munzees. If you find someone's Motel Munzee and are one of the first 5 to capture it, you can get points every time someone else scans it.

There are various types of Munzees. You can buy them pre-printed or you can print your own. Avery waterproof labels work great for this and you can design the sticker anyway you like. There are labels, plastic discs and metal magnets. You can even get them with zombie warnings. There are even virtual Munzees where you don't have anything physical to deploy or scan. Just get within 300' of the virtual Munzee's location and you can "capture" it. You can place them anywhere in the world (but no closer than 50' from someone else's Munzees).  For those with Androids or other devices with NFC capabilities, there are NFC Munzees too. Like the anticipation from an unknown treasure? Try the Mystery Munzees. The points on these vary with each capture.

What are the mustaches on the map?  These are special for the month of November only. If you see 'em, scan 'em while you can!  Come December 1, they will be gone.  I have 25 of them around the world (and got a badge for that). So far, the Czech Republic is kickin' it with the highest number of captures. DÄ›kuji! Check the Munzee website around the holidays. Many times, they will have turn other Munzees into special Munzees.  If they are on Munzees that you have already captured, you can usually have the chance to scan it again with the special icon.

Want to gang up to play? Join up with 10 people you know (or those you don't) and join a clan and see how your clan can do compared to those around the globe.

There are also Social Munzees. You don't get points for scanning them, but you can collect the images in your profile. Here is one of mine to get you started. Please leave a comment to tell me where you are from and where you saw my social Munzee since I do have it in a few places. Can you say Pinterest?

Besides points, there are badges to be won. I need some more players to deploy a few around the Brazos Valley so I can achieve a few more of them. I think the Munzees are more fun than the Micros and I hope more of you will try them out.

Come and play! It's free!  Or...if you want to get a variety of Munzees and help to keep it all going, there is a Premium Membership. Oh, and there are Business Munzees that are great to entice players to keep coming back since only Business Munzees can be captured more than once (up to once a day)!

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