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31 Days of Geocaching

Groundspeak is inviting all geocachers to get outside this month to see on how many days you can find at least one cache or attend an event. You can tell that the powers-that-be are not down here in Texas in this triple-digit heat during the summer.

For each day that you #find a geocache, you will receive a #souvenir in your profile on It is not a "streak" in that you do not lose the ability to get more souvenirs if you miss a day or more.  Just get the ones you can. How many can you collect? August 17 is the International Geocaching Day and many events are set for that day across the globe.  More info on this month's activities can be found here.

Below is a list of the ones I have found this month.

1 - GC4GN5J - Historical Marker #3

2 - GC4GN5R - Historical Marker #4

3 - GC1V0T0 - Shakespeare in Round Top

4 - GC4H3YY - Dynasty PnG

5 - GC4H3ZG - City Hall

6 - GC4H3ZK - A.P.G. Ka-Chow!

7 - GC3PDMV - A.P.G. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn

8 - GC4C1JX - A.P.G. I mustache you to BYOP
Look!  Rain!  Oh...and a trackable, too.

9 - GC3QZ7M - Jacques #3

10 - GC44X2B - R.I.P. Bright Light
       GC44RB1 - Lone Oak
       GC44Q36 - A.P.G. Cross Cache 3
       GC44RAM - MY DEER #1
       GC35AN1 - Off the curve
       GC35AM0 - Tonka green

11 - GC43Y4P - Hollow Victory?

12 - GC3M4MG - Where's the La Quinta?

13 - GC44RG4 - In Between PNG

14 - GC4H400 - A.P.G. Bull's Eye

15 - GC3M69D - Corner of Nowhere - Tied my geo-streak record!

16 - GC45FPR - Geographic Explorer

17 - International Geocaching Day - GC4HRCJ - IGD con Queso!

18 - GC3VM05 - Miracle Farm


20 - GC42GZZ - Marble Town

21 - GC3TQMD - A.P.G. They don't serve this across the street

22 - GC47Z1A - Field of Dreams, Bonham

23 - GC4K7TK - R.I.P. Mike

24 - GC4E842 - Welcome to Brenham, Texas!

25 - GC4JZYK - Taco Crossing

26 - GC4JX9A - Mom those boots aren't your size

27 - My birthday! - GC47E80 - Gates of Heaven

28 - GC44WJZ - A.P.G. How Deep Is Your Love 4 PnG (2)

29 - GC3WZ2W - Sweet Symphony

30 - GC3J2NT - Fallen Monarch

31 - GC44X3N - A.P.G. White Tailed Deer - A Letterbox Hybrid - My favorite type!

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