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Camping at Bastrop State Park

Colton, Dixie and I went on an overnight camping trip at Bastrop State Park. We got a late start on the day because we were hoping for a last-minute cancellation, but we made it to the park just in time to claim our spot. We were in Site 68 for the night. We got the camper set up and I dropped Colton off to swim while I went to find a #letterbox with Dixie. The trails were eerily quiet and so sad with all the burned trees, not to mention  little warm with no canopy. There were some wildflowers though and new growth everywhere.

We went into Bastrop to eat and go check out Buc-ees. It's huge! Colt said that if your convenience store is big enough to fit 4 #geocaches in the parking lot, it's too dang big! LOL! But we got them all and a #Munzee too.

Saturday was National Trails Day, so we did our part. I also finished "walking" the Florida Keys Trail on on that same day.

After we got back to the camper, the breeze quit and the humidity took over. We turned on the AC and drifted off. Somewhere early in the morning, I was having a dream about someone tinkling on a piano. Wait...that's not a dream, it's rain clinking on some piece of metal. Guess who forgot to look at the forecast? It drizzled off and on all morning. I started cooking breakfast out on my Coleman stove and halfway through, it started up again. I had to get an umbrella to cover over the bacon to keep it from splashing.

Later after it slacked off, we drove around and found another couple letterboxes and the Parks Challenge cache for Bastrop SP. We stopped at the overlook. Wow! What a quiet and surreal scene! Acres and acres of truly lost pines. Check out the link to my album below to see a 360° view of this area.

On the trail, I caught up to a family (3 generations worth) who was out trimming trees in the path and repairing trial markers. Thanks to all who volunteer to get this park back on its feet! There are some new bridges on the trails that look very nice. Reminiscent of the CCC work.

After lunch, we packed up and headed back home. On this trip, we added a Pileated Woodpecker and a Roadrunner to the 2013 life list. We saw a couple of squirrels and one rabbit. Not much else moving around there. We heard some frogs. Could they be Houston Toads? I hear they are actually doing well.

More pictures can be seen on Google+.

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