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Fun-Filled Weekend

This past weekend started off with me taking off work at noon. I headed home, grabbed a bite to eat and started loading up the camper.  I had plans to meet a friend, Open Space, for some letterboxing at Birch Creek State Park and camping at Nails Creek State Park.  Both are units of the Lake Somerville State Park system. +Texas Parks and Wildlife

We walked almost 5 miles in various places around Birch and found several letterboxes. The weather was perfect and it was a great day to be on the trails. With the recent rains, the wildflowers were out everywhere. I love the Baby Blue Eyes that are in bloom right now. Beat the Hell Outta sitting behind a desk! I had brought along a new carve and I added it to one of my existing geocaches and created a listing for the letterbox. I love that spot and I want to show it off. I've already cleared out all the geocaches around here, so there was nothing new yet. No one's placed any +Munzee either.

Before it got dark, we headed over to Nails Creek and I got the camper set up in Site #54. Since I was in the camper alone, I didn't bother to fully set up both sides.  I have been to this park before, but never camped here. Yeah!  A new tent on the map! We got something to eat and I took my shower and then sat by the fire (away from the smoke) and just listened to the Great Horned Owls, frogs and other birds serenading us. She finished working on a new carve that she will be adding out here at Nails Creek. It is a nice one and she did a great job on the carve.

I rose Saturday morning with the Cardinals (like I had a choice). They are quite vocal on quiet mornings. Lots of ducks and coots were out on the lake hunting their breakfast as the sun was coming up over the lake. There were some Northern Shovelers out in the mix. New lifer for me!  We think we saw two immature Eagles fly over. They did not have the white heads, but they were huge and sounded like Eagles. Since there are breeding pairs around the lake, it's entirely possible.

I got the camper all taken down and got my gear stowed and bid my goodbyes to my new boxing friend and headed out for Carmine for our  +LaBahia NPSOT Spring Plant Swap. It was being hosted by our Secretary and her husband. They have an awesome place and she's getting it set up so she can be a grower. Honest to Goodness Growers, to be exact.

Ann gave a tour around the yard and new greenhouse. They have put in a lot of work on their property and it is really paying off. The Martin houses are full and provide endless entertainment and chatter.  MMM! Fresh strawberries! We're glad they shared with us.

We ate and then the swap started. We had LOTS of plants brought out by attendees and we counted off and started picking our favorites (and watching other members take them before it was our turn).  We had several rounds and then it was a free-for-all for what was left.  I took home some leftover Goldenrod that I brought along with new plants for the yard - Rough-leaf Dogwood, Viburnum, Flame Acanthus, Mistflower, Inland Sea Oats and more. I even got a Plumeria for a pot. I know it's not native, but they smell good. More pictures from the Plant Swap can be seen here.

After I got home and got everything unloaded, I got several of the plants in the ground and pulled lots of weeds. I think Ann inspired me to make my yard look better. I hope my new transplants do well in their new home. More of the plants in the yard are blooming now. The Cross Vine is blooming in time for the hummingbirds. Wow! What a day! I was whipped.

After church, I decided to mow the yard then I spent part of my Sunday afternoon just relaxing in the breeze on the back porch. Guess who showed up?  Two hummers!  I had one of the feeders partially filled since I knew they should be here any day. I love watching them dart back and forth. I got a couple more feeders filled and ready for more diners.

God granted me a good weekend filled with some of my most favorite things. Colton had spent most of weekend with his cousin and got to do some night airsoft, so he got to do some of his favorite things too.

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