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NPSOT Spring Plant Swap

Our LaBahia Chapter of the Native Plant Society is hosting a
NPSOT Spring Plant Swap and Member Gathering

Every new season is the start of the best ever!   Transplants, cuttings and seeds, Oh My!   It's Spring and time to start thinking about preparing for the new growing season.

Home of Ann and Richard Thames 1452 Schoenberg Road Carmine, TX  78932 979-203-3455

Saturday, April 13, 2013 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Lunch provided
Come visit with other avid gardeners for a garden party.  Bring extra plants you have and swap them for new and exciting plants you don't have.   Don't worry if you have nothing to swap, there is always plenty to go around.
"Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes" ~Author Unknown

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AdvoCare News

Fruit & Fiber Bar has been discontinued. For a great-tasting alternative that provides you with the same 5 grams of fiber, try out our new AdvoBar™ Raw!

ProBiotic Boost is discontinued for an extended period of time. We are looking to enhance the product by extending the shelf life and allowing for a greater number of servings. We look forward to updating you on these improvements in the near future.

We have slightly modified the formula to our AdvoBar™ a.m. Apple Cinnamon, formerly known as Breakfast Bar. AdvoBar™ a.m. Apple Cinnamon still includes 15 grams of protein and over 20 vitamins and minerals, but we’ve made a few updates, including:

Now just 190 caloriesImproved flavorSofter textureNow includes Vitamin K

March Product Spotlight:SleepWorks
2 for $60 (Regularly $35.95 each).

Flea Fest

May the 4th be with you! 

This is going to be a come and go event from 9am-3pm. The thriving metropolis known as Snook, TX will be having its hometown festival on this day. There will be a BBQ cookoff, games and petting zoo for the kids, arts & crafts vendors, food vendors, a car show, antique tractor show, parade and more. More info on Snook Fest can be found at

Snook is between College Station and Somerville on FM 60. In Snook, turn onto FM 2155, go past the school and go straight on the FM 2155 Spur (the main road veers left). The Spur will T into CR 269. Turn right and you will be able to see the festivities from there.

NativTxn (me) and flower71 will be having 2 booths in the craft vendors area. We will have a log book (or sheet) to stamp in. We will also have a cootie/flea catcher. We will supply name tags for you to stamp and wear around the festival so you will be identified as someone who could be "cootied". Come out and enjoy the day and che…


Today was a very windy and overcast day, but I still couldn't stand being cooped up in the house. This afternoon, I headed over to Birch Creek State Park (I'm getting good use out of my Parks Pass) to find a couple letterboxes that I hadn't found.  Since I was there, I went around and found 3 others that I had already found about a month ago, but somehow lost the card with the images. The wind was crazy, but when I was on the trails, the woods blocked it out for the most part. I added about 4000 steps to my daily total.

The last one that I found was in one of my favorite areas of the park and it had a high concentration of bird life. The Brown Headed Cowbirds were in a HUGE flock and they were very loud when they lifted off and moved around. There were coots and herons out there and a couple of gulls.

I cut out all of the images and a couple that I had found between the lost images and today's finds.  All are now applied to my journal and it is up-to-date. I THINK I ha…

Walking For Fun and Fitness

A little over a week ago, we started our Walk Across Texas program.  A group of 8 of us from work have started up our team again. We will be keeping track of our walking (and other exercise) and competing against quite a few other teams from Brazos County. This is an 8-week program to try to get us in the habit of exercising more.

Just a few days before the WAT started, I found a website called which is owned by a letterboxer and hiker. You need a pedometer to keep track of your steps that you make each day. This is free site to use.  Each day, you enter the total number of steps you made. You also set it up with your stride length (length between left and right steps as you walk). It then calculates the number of miles you walked for that day.  There are a few trails to pick from.

As you walk, you will see maps and pictures that tell/show you where you are along the trail you have chosen.  It's fun to see my progress and see the images as if I were actually on t…


I got to attend my first big Letterboxing event. It was held at Buescher State Park in Smithville, TX and was called TALE 10 - A Tale of TALES.  I got to to the park right at 10 am and I met a couple of boxers at the front desk. Texas Wench and Crabbie Ol Man and the boys.  They were boxing event newbies, too, so we decided to sit together at the tables.  Some of the more experienced boxers told us the best thing to do was to sit in one place and let others come to us.  Good idea!  Since we were new, we had a LOT of exchanges to do. I started putting faces to the names I have seen on the Atlas Quest boards and the Letterboxing Texas Yahoo Group.

Cooties were rampant at this event. We were covered - and we loved it!  What's a Cootie?  It is a stamp (usually on the small side) and it is meant to be passed from person to person. There are other traveling boxes/stamps in Letterboxing.  Fleas can be passed from person to person or from box to box. They are the most versatile. Hitchhik…