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Locationless Caches

Locationless?  How can a cache not have a location?  I had heard of these, but never really looked into them until "The Bad Cop" asked his Geocaching Question of the Day about them back on December 12.

A locationless cache is kind of like a virtual cache.  There is no physical cache to find and sign a log.  These are also called reverse caches.  Instead of the cache owner giving you the coordinates for you to find ONE location, you are given an object to find and YOU must supply the coordinates (and usually a picture).  For instance, you might be asked to find a statue that looks like a real person on a sidewalk.  Most of these cache owners will only allow one specific location to be used once, meaning that you and your caching buddy can't log the same statue. Also, you can normally only log a find on a cache once.  It wouldn't be any fun if you logged every statue in town and ruined it for everyone else, right?

LCs were banned on before I got into caching, but there are plenty on  These have basically been re-introduced to in the way of World-wide Challenges.  The nice thing about the LCs on is that the person who owns the cache still maintains ownership of it and has the right to delete bogus logs and can edit it if need be.

I have found a few of these and I have ideas of where to look for others. While these can be fun to do, I personally have a hard time searching through the hundreds that are listed on  (A site overhaul is coming soon.)  In the meantime have been "pinning" the ones I'm interested in onto a Board on Pinterest for quick and easy reference.  Feel free to repin these onto your own boards.

I even posted my own LC the other day called "I've Been Everywhere (Texas)".  If you live in Texas or are visiting our great state, be sure to check this one out as you travel to various cities.  I will try to cross out the ones in the song that get used.  Each cacher can log it once and each city/town can only be logged once.

Some of the LCs ask for the Google Street View pictures to log a find.  That's ok if they ask for that, but I personally feel like I should go to the location if I am going to log it.  But hey...that's me. I don't want to get into armchair logging. As with most other areas of geocaching, you play the game like you want.  There are very few set-in-stone rules.

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