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Texas Parks Geocache Challenge - Central Region

jjball (Jenny & Jim) and I decided to try our hand at the Central Texas region of the TXGCC.  We started out about 9:30ish from Snook with pocket queries and passports in hand and headed to the Lake Somerville parks (Birch Creek and Nails Creek). We ran into a couple of cachers on the trail at Nails Creek.

Then we made the trip to each of the following Parks:
Monument Hill / Kreische Brewery - the site of the "Black Bean Incident"
Palmetto - got up close to a doe and her little fawn. I love palmettos!
Lockhart - nice golf course
McKinney Falls - not much water her in these drought conditions. Caught up with nanblocker on this one.
Pedernales Falls  - awesome area. Got there as the sun was low in the sky.

It was getting late and we had more ground to cover, so we had to pass the turn off to the Salt Lick in Dripping Springs - TWICE!  We sure wish we had time to stop in. 

By they time we made the return trip toward Bastrop and Buescher, it was too late and the parks were about to …


The weekend of June 18 began Saturday by walking the trails at Birch Creek State Park in the morning to check my cache out there and to confirm coordinates of the cache for the upcoming Texas Parks Geocache Challenge starting on June 25.  Do you know how hard it is to find a cache and NOT be able to sign the log - especially on a blank log?!  My cousin and friends were having their family reunion at the Lake in the same park, so I got to go get some good fried catfish and fixin's for lunch.  That worked out well!  Then there was the Texas Outdoor Family event at Lake Somerville and I helped with the Geocaching portion of it from 1-4 pm.  It was hot, but we had 2 groups that we showed the basics to and we helped them find a few "demo" caches and a couple of real ones.

Sunday was our Vajdak Family Reunion for the lunch meal and we also had a Silent/Live Auction to help raise money for the Reunion account.  It went well!  The food was prepared by my cousins, Pat & Ro…