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IAAP Texas-Louisiana Division Meeting

The IAAP Texas-Louisiana Division Meeting and Conference was held at the Crowne Plaza Greenspoint in Houston, Texas this year.  We haven't had rain in months, but I had to drive through it the whole way to Houston.  I didn't like driving in it with lots of traffic on the road, but I didn't want to complain since we NEEDED it so badly.  Along the way, we were able to pick up a virtual cache that didn't require us to get out of the truck.

Once we got to the hotel, the computers were down and we had to check in with them taking our information and writing it on paper.  The manager had to let us in the room since they couldn't make new keys at that time.  Since it was taking a while to get us all logged in, they brought out complementary glasses of champagne.  No complaints there! :)  The room was nice and spacious.  We went down to check in for the weekend and get our goody bags and binders with schedules and conference info.

Other Aggieland Chapter members came in a little later and after everyone was settled and we were able to get room keys, we headed toward The Woodlands and went to Joe's Crab Shack for supper. We all got a Shark Bite to start the meal.  $8.99?!  Wow!  I'll check prices first next time.

Friday morning, we got up and tried to get breakfast.  The little restaurant in the hotel was so slow that we didn't have time.  We didn't even get coffee!  The line was too long at the Starbucks counter and was moving slower than molasses in winter time.  We thought there'd be coffee in the hospitality suite or the meeting room. No luck there, either.  We will plan better for tomorrow!

Seminars for Friday:

  • Why Isn't Everybody Like Me? - Pamela C. Grant, MSOE
  • Using Digital Images in MS Word and PowerPoint, Office 2007 Interface - Jewel M. London, Master Instructor
  • Networking Luncheon
  • Time/Resource Management Technology: Make it Work for You - Kim Fox-Marchettie, PHR
The luncheon was entertaining and we got the opportunity to meet members from other chapters.  I love the theme of "What's in your toolkit?".  There were soft-sided tool kits on each table with signs for decorations. The signs were changed out for each day's events.  The vendor booths and Ways and Means booths were open most of the day and we had a chance to browse, shop and buy raffle tickets.  There was a Mexican Fiesta that night, but I didn't buy the tickets for that.

Several of us went to The Cheesecake Factory for supper that night.  No Penny or Sheldon in sight.  The food was good and we were stuffed, but we just HAD to get a piece of cheesecake to split between us.  Some of the Capital Chapter (Austin) folks joined us on this trip. The restaurant next door is P.F.Chang's and they have HUGE statues of horses out front. The area down by The  Woodlands Mall was nice and it would have been cool to walk around down there or ride on the water taxi.  We hit one cache while we were down there and introduced our friend, Mindy, to geocaching. It was a nano.  I think we've hooked another one! ;)  We stopped at a convenience store on the way home to get breakfast items for the morning. You have to wonder about the area when the clerk is behind bullet-proof glass and he slides the bag to you through a little slot so you can bag your own items. We didn't stay long.



More pictures from the trip can be found on my Facebook.

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