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Walk Across Texas

I work at the City of Bryan in the IT Department and we had a team again for the Walk Across Texas 8-week program called the "Bryan Rebooters".  Collectively, we had 1744.44 miles, which is 2x across Texas and then some.  I'm very proud of my co-workers for joining in this program and for doing so well.  Many thanks to my team mates Kara Daniel, Kurt Gammage, Dale & Kristen Kubenka, David Parker, Gus Roman and Matt Scoggins.  As of right now (and there may be teams that have yet to add final week's mileages), we are in 19th place out of 155 teams.  Out of 5 City of Bryan teams, we are in 1st place by several hundred miles.

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I'll be the first one to confess that I am NOT the world's best housekeeper. I have been a single mom of my 18-year old "baby" since he was just a couple of months old and it hasn't always been easy. As a matter of fact, I think the toddler was more tidy than the teenager. He has a habit of opening cabinets and not closing them, dropping things on the floor wherever he happens to be, leaving items on the counter and so on. After lots of arguments and not making much headway, I decided to pick my battles and let him do his thing in his own room. Then a few things made their way to the living room and little by little, you get used to things being out. And yes, I got lazy and didn't feel like messing with it.  Then one day I looked around and thought that if someone happened to pop in unannounced, I would be totally embarrassed. So, something had to give.

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Rideshare in B/CS

It's official!  I'm now also a driver for Uber. Here's hoping the two programs overlap nicely.

My Referral Code is denisev472ue and you can get a 1st rider discount or a bonus for signing up as a driver using my code.

I am driving in the Brazos Valley - Brazos and Burleson Counties.

Need a Lyft?

#lyft is now in the Bryan/College Station (Aggieland) area and I'm a driver. Use my promocode NATIVTXN Need a Lyft?Get $5 off your first ride Want to give a Lyft?Get up to a $100 driver bonus