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A Nice Afternoon

When I got home from work on this Friday afternoon, I went over to my parents house and my Daddy went out to the shop with me and helped me replace my rear tires on the truck. My son came out to help (involuntarily), and he was not happy at first, but after a bit, he actually enjoyed using the air wrench and adding air and checking the pressure. I had gotten these tires only 25,000 miles ago and the back tires were about worn out already.  I could have gotten new ones, but it would have cost too much for now. NOT happy with these tires.  Luckily, I have a friend that had a friend that had tires the same size that have barely been used for le$$. I feel safer driving on these now.

After we were done, I went back over to the house and sat in my yard watching the hummingbirds and sipping on a cold adult beverage. I saw a couple of the birds when I got home, so I filled 3 feeders and sat back to collect my reward. There were at least 5 that I could verify at once. These tiny flying jewels just amaze me at how they can fly in all directions. The male Ruby Throated Hummingbirds' throats just glow when the sun hits them just right. They were so focused on the feeders, that they didn't seem to mind that I was sitting only about 4' from the feeder filming and taking pictures with my Droid. In the picture to the left, there is a male and female in the foreground and there's a bird on the feeder in the Silk Tree (Click on the picture to see a larger view). There's also a little male sitting on the branch just below the clear bottle on the bottle tree. There was a couple of times, they buzzed right over the top of my head.  For tiny little things, they sure are vocal with their clicks and whistles.

This little handful of birds are the first-comers of the year. Soon, there should be even more.  Now...if the strong winds will quit, the feeders won't get blown around so much and some of the nectar won't spill. If you check out my little YouTube video, you'll see one hummer for most of the video. Towards the end, you'll see 3 or 4 more in the background and flying through the frame.

The hummingbirds always seem to be the last birds in the yard for the evening. Earlier, there were a couple of pairs of Cardinals who were flying around the yard between the trees and rose bushes. The "Papa" stood out like a Christmas ornament when it landed in the Montezuma Cypress tree in the back yard. Later, I walked back across the pasture and went to Mom & Daddy's house.  A pair of wrens have made a nest in one of her old hanging baskets in her garden shed out back and the eggs have hatched. They sure don't like it when the cats come into the yard. Fussy little things! Mom & I both keep checking our Bluebird houses, but nothing yet. My bluebirds hatched two clutches of 6 eggs each last year in the house closest to the road.

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