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Easter Weekend


I had the day off, but Colton had to go to school, so we got up at our regular time. After I dropped him off, I took Dixie and we headed to town to find a couple of caches.  There was one that had posted overnight and I was hoping to get an FTF on it. It was in the Veterans Park and it was a well-camouflaged ammo can called Jump: Veterans Ivy Box by cacher Jump1175.  I was REALLY hoping he didn't mean POISON ivy!  I found the box and a clean log! <insert angel sounds here> Signed the log and traded out some swag.  Then we headed over to Lick Creek Park to find his first cache, Jump first cache.  2TF on that one.  Another nice ammo box! I left my coin purse GeoKret trackables there.  I like the GeoKrets.  You can make anything a trackable and you don't have to buy the travel tag or coin.  You just print the label and attach it to your item for free.  I'm so glad to have another good cache hider in our midst.  I also picked up a couple of caches in the Pebble Creek subdivision while I was in the area.

Then I headed home for lunch.  After lunch, I headed over to Discount Trees of Brenham to pick up a couple of plants for our Native Plant Society of Texas (NPSOT) plant swap on Saturday (plus one for myself). While I was there, I talked to John (one of the owners) and he let me place a cache there. It is posted on and I then turned up FM 390 and headed toward FM 50.  I stopped at the historical marker for Mound Hill School and created a virtual cache on  I stopped at the Old Baylor ruins, but my GPS was WAY off and there was no way to get an accurate reading on anything around there.  I'll try again soon.  I then made a stop at the Antique Rose Emporium for a couple of more plants (that I ended up keeping for my yard). I was told there were a couple of Letterboxes out there, so I'll have to look those up too.

When I got back home, I did some things around the house and then we got ready for Good Friday Communion Service at church. When I got home I made the Black Bean and Corn Salsa for Saturday's outing.


Colt and I got up and got ready for the Plant Swap and Garden Tour.  I dug up a couple of Hardy Gladiola bulbs/plants and a couple of Manfredas to add to the plants that I purchased.  We made it out to Kathy Hall's place in Bluebonnet Hills just outside of Brenham for our Plant Swap, Tour and Lunch.  Her property is set up like a prairie and we walked around the area looking at trees and wildflowers.  If we had received our normal rainfall for this time of year, it would have been just gorgeous.  We had LOTS of plants to swap and I ended up taking home quite a few.  Kathy let me place a cache on the fenceline at the edge of her property and I called it Serendipity, since that's what they call their place.  It is on and  We went down the road to Russell and Bobby Doty's place and toured their yard, then the last stop was the Clapp's place.  I love their furry-footed chickens!  All of these places were nice and I'm so glad that they volunteered to have us out to browse around.

On the way home, Colton and I stopped by Peppermint, another cache in Brenham that I hadn't gotten yet. Then we hit Wal-mart for new shoes for him, Easter candy and such.  Then home.  I borrowed Daddy's Z-trac mower and mowed my yard.  It's close to an acre and that mower makes short work of it. Mowing in dry conditions and high winds is NOT fun.  I felt like I had been sand-blasted.  I filled the hummingbird feeders and hit the shower.  Colton filled eggs for the Egg Hunt at church on Sunday.


Christ is Risen!  Easter Sunrise Service at 7:00 am followed by a breakfast.  There was soooooo much food! After that, the older kids and some parents hid the eggs for the younger kids.  It's always so much fun to watch. We went home to change and rode with my brother.  He and I did some work in my yard - pulling weeds, weed-eating and planting a few of my new plants from the nurseries and plant swap. Thanks for the help, Scott!  Then we went to my cousin's house for lunch. It's always good to have the family gather and just sit, relax and chat. After lunch, we just went home to veg for a while. Later in the afternoon, I took Colton into town to go see Rio 3D.  We stopped at All signs point to this new cache on the way in.  I filled in 2 more days on the 366-day calendar this weekend.  The movie was really cute and we both enjoyed it.  It was a busy, but enjoyable weekend.

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