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My Yard is Blooming

My roses are going crazy right now and other things are blooming as well.  The one pictured here is "Old Blush" and it's taller than I am.  It's been in the ground about 3 years.  I had gotten it from the Antique Rose Emporium in Independence, TX and has turned out to be very hardy. I don't prune it. I don't spray it for bugs. It's perfect. It blooms most of the year, but this first bloom of Spring is always spectacular. Near it is one of the Hardy Amaryllis that is blooming in bright red and around in front, the Texas Orchid Tree is blooming.  The Bumblebees really love that one.

I found a Blue Curls blooming and it was such a shock. I had planted them several years ago and then they died. I didn't expect to ever see them again. I love the way the flowers curl around underneath and the blooms that look like they explode out of the top. More pictures of the yard can be seen on my Picasa album.

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Rideshare in B/CS

It's official!  I'm now also a driver for Uber. Here's hoping the two programs overlap nicely.

My Referral Code is denisev472ue and you can get a 1st rider discount or a bonus for signing up as a driver using my code.

I am driving in the Brazos Valley - Brazos and Burleson Counties.

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