Freestyle Digital Planning with OneNote

I have made several digital layouts that have mimicked paper planners and are somewhat structured in nature. But with digital planning in OneNote, it can be as free-flowing as your thoughts. List out bills, tasks, reminders and appointments in a block or break them out with a separate To Do list. Create an area for a brain dump. Have a thought?  Write or type it out depending on what device you are closest to when the thought hits. Give it all a pretty background instead of just a flat white sheet of "paper".

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Last Minute Presentation

On Thursday, June 5, around 9 am, I got an email from the ABWA (American Business Women's Association)College Station Charter Chapter requesting an emergency fill-in for a speaker that canceled for that night's meeting.  Luckily, I was free that evening and was able to pull a presentation together on Digital Planning with OneNote. 📒 Thanks for thinking of me, Sharon.

If you have followed this blog and/or my YouTube channel, you know that digital planning is something I work on for my personal life on a daily basis and is near and dear to my heart. I have presented this topic at work before, so all I needed to do was tweak it a little bit (which is the norm anytime I do a repeat presentation).

The meeting was nice and I saw a few familiar faces from other organizations I have been in over the years, so it was good to catch up. The meal was chicken fajitas with all the fixin's. YUM! Hey, I didn't have to cook or do dishes that night! After the meal, I did my demo and an…

Create a Digital Recipe Book

In this video, I explain how to use OneNote to capture various types of recipes, including typing them out, capturing the page or card with the Office Lens built into OneNote, adding a PDF and clipping recipes from the web. Capture all those loose recipes and family favorites and that recipe in that one cookbook that you always have to hunt down every time you need it. OneNote is searchable. 😊

Use emoji, images, stickers and page preview to add visual punch.

Show notes:OneNote Web Clipper
Office Lens
Campbell's Green Bean Casserole
Blue-Ribbon Butter Cake

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Using PowerPoint to Make Backgrounds for OneNote

I have been making my own planner backgrounds for a few weeks and several people have asked me how I did them. Well, here's the tutorial. Let's plan...digitally. 📒💻

I am using PowerPoint 2016 and the Windows 10 OneNote App. See notes on video for links to shop where I purchased some of the images.

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Tags vs Emoji in OneNote

If you are a OneNote enthusiast as I am, you have probably heard the news that OneNote desktop version will not be included as a stand-alone product in Office 2019. Yes, OMG, indeed! 😥 There are quite a few functions in OneNote 2016 that are not available in the OneNote app. 😭 My favorites are the Outlook integration, inserting/editing Excel spreadsheets, all my OneTastic macros and Tags (creating new ones and adding existing ones from other notebooks), hiding borders in Tables, inserting Symbols and such.

This post will concentrate on the Tags. Creating Tags in OneNote 2016 is great. I can use an icon and even change the font coloring and/or highlighting. Once created, these Tags will show on other apps as well, but you can't create new ones and you can't save them to be used again in those other apps. Supposedly, Tagging functions are going to be added to the app version this summer. 🤞 We'll have to see if that includes a Tag Summary or not.  The Find Tags function is…