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Things I Have Learned About OneNote

I have spent a couple of years looking for that planner peace and have not been able to stick with any certain planner for more than a couple of months. Either the planner is too bulky to carry around or it's too small to fit all the info (and my ever-growing sticker collection) or it doesn't allow me to easily add extra pages, etc. So, I have been working in Microsoft OneNote to create a dynamic Digital Bullet Journal and I have learned several things along the way.  #digibujo  
I will share some things with you that I have figured out with trial and error that might save you some hassle. This info applies to OneNote in general, so even if you don't plan or journal, stick with me.
First and foremost, OneNote has several versions.  Each will look different and have various functions.  The most robust and feature-rich is the OneNote 2016 program for the desktop. Then there's the OneNote "app" for Windows 10. It does not have all the functions of the 2016 progr…
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Digital Planning with OneNote

Over the past couple of years,  I have tried a few different paper planners of various sizes and layouts and I can't seem to find one that fits me over an entire year. And I have figured out why. My moods and my needs change through out the year. I like the visual effects of a paper planner, but I didn't like lugging around a heavy planner with me.

So, being the techie that I am, I have started incorporating my Planner into Microsoft OneNote. Ta da!  Now my planner changes and grows with me and it's available on my phone, my laptop, my desktop or anywhere I might be where I can log in online. Events can be linked to pages with flyers about the events or to Facebook event listings and such. I can use my stylus to write or I can type in it, which is great because my handwriting is not going to win any flair awards.  I don't have to wait for stickers to come in the mail or try printing and cutting out ones I want to use. No need to have a cabinet full of half-used sticker…

UberEats is now available in Aggieland

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Outlook Contacts: More Than Meets the Eye

Outlook Contacts: More Than Meets the EyePublished on Published onNovember 7, 2017 on LinkedIn If you've used Outlook for personal or work purposes, there's a chance that you haven't used it to it's full potential. Many people are used to filling in what they see on screen and never diving in to find other features. Let's explore. I like to look at the Business Card view when I am in Outlook and I'm a visual person, so I like to see more than just text on a card. Start a new contact card and you'll see Full Name... You can enter anything you want, including certifications, initials, nicknames, etc. The ... tells you that there are more options to come. Click it and you'll see separate blanks for Title, First, Middle, Last and Suffix. The first and last options have specific drop downs for consistency. Add the Company and Job Title name if needed. The File As... area is how you want to see the card listed in the Contact section. There are several option…

I'm a MCT!

My certificate finally came in the mail!  I actually feel like a Microsoft Certified Trainer now.

This certification took several years, lots of exams and quite a bit of money.  I had to have the Master level Microsoft Office Specialist certification for versions 2007, 2010 and 2013.  Each certification level was made up of 4 or more exams and half of them being Expert level exams. The exams were around $100 each just for the voucher.  Each exam was almost an hour long and for the last version, I had to travel an hour and a half to Austin or Houston as our local Certiport testing center in College Station no longer proctors the exams.

I think any major goal takes a lot of effort to make you appreciate it all the more.  If it was easy, it wouldn't be special.

I have actually had the Master MOS since the 2003 version. Lots of buttons and functions have been added, or more than likely, moved around and renamed. I have always been "into" the Microsoft Office suite of product…

Getting My House In Order

I'll be the first one to confess that I am NOT the world's best housekeeper. I have been a single mom of my 18-year old "baby" since he was just a couple of months old and it hasn't always been easy. As a matter of fact, I think the toddler was more tidy than the teenager. He has a habit of opening cabinets and not closing them, dropping things on the floor wherever he happens to be, leaving items on the counter and so on. After lots of arguments and not making much headway, I decided to pick my battles and let him do his thing in his own room. Then a few things made their way to the living room and little by little, you get used to things being out. And yes, I got lazy and didn't feel like messing with it.  Then one day I looked around and thought that if someone happened to pop in unannounced, I would be totally embarrassed. So, something had to give.

There are as many methods of cleaning and decluttering as there are ways to make a mess.  I have looked thro…

Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications

I started off my day yesterday headed to Austin (almost 2 hours away) with the plan to take the last of my 2013 MOS exams at 10 am - the Expert Word Part 2 and also to start the 2016 exams with Outlook.  I was less than 20 miles from the testing center when I got a call that Certiport had done some updates and nothing was working right. I wasn't wanting to turn around empty-handed, so I went to do some Munzeeing up in Pflugerville. After a while, I got the call that they had it back up and running, so I headed back to their office only to find out they had loaded the Part 1 exam info, not Part 2.

I went ahead and took the Outlook exam while they downloaded the correct exam for the 2013 version.  I scored a 973 out of 1000.  That's not bad at all considering I barely studied for this one.

After a quick break, I sat down to take the Word exam. We logged in, entered my voucher info, went through the instructions and tutorial, read the first question and went to click on the ribb…